OWIT's Solutions are intelligent, targeted, and easy to maintain. 

Our solutions are managed through a no-code, drag-and-drop tool and utilize APIs for rapid integration.

Insurance Data Management

A central feature of the O/DIEM platform, the Insurance Data Management (IDM) Solution is designed to support the ingestion, cleansing, normalizing, and processing of all insurance data of any data interchange including Bordereaux, Statement of Values, and Delegated Underwriting.

IDM can be leveraged for both incoming and outgoing data, supporting an insurance entity’s entire ecosystem.

IDM includes specific insurance features and functions to support the processing of insurance data.

IDM is designed for the insurance-knowledgeable Business Analyst to quickly deal with data transformation needs versus relying on a technology department queue.

IDM leverages Chat GPT v4.0 to provide a range of AI functions. IDM AI capability is available today with additional capabilities being added on a continuous basis.

Bordereaux Management

Simplifies the creation, distribution, absorption, and analysis of bordereaux data while delivering significant time savings and dramatically improving efficiencies and data accuracy. Orchestrates the bordereaux process, monitoring submissions, and reconciles data across premium, cash, and claims submissions.

Binder Management

Works seamlessly with OWIT’s solutions to support Delegated Underwriting/Bordereaux Management enabling the creation, control, and configuration of binder/scheme/program contracts. Delivers the ability to define the Binder contract terms which can then be used to validate incoming records at time of processing, including aggregation.   

Delegated Underwriting Management

Leveraging Insurance Data Management (IDM) to meet the current and future needs of the global insurance market and those of the London market for delegated data management. Cater to the spectrum of automation from full delegated data exchange via direct near real-time integrations (removing the need for traditional bordereaux files) to manual bordereaux-based data processing—true data integrity for portfolio performance.

Statement of Values Consumption

Leveraging IDM, US producers with multi-location policies can submit disparate Statement of Values (SOV) for cleansing and transformation into a normalized data set. OWIT can support SOV ingestion only OR digitalize the processing with the addition of OWIT’s O/DIEM Point of Sale (POS)/Submission Management solution – where data can be re-validated, rated, consolidated, and converted to multiple output file formats.  

Data Ingestion & Transformation

No matter what type of data needs to be cleansed, transformed and transported, the IDM Solution supports all types of data needs – today and whatever the future brings. 

Process Efficiencies

OWIT’s digitalization experience includes data integrity and efficiency of process through solutions that deliver Broker Portals, Submission Management, Point of Sale, Rating, Rules and Document Generation. 

Submission Management

Quickly and efficiently logs new business, streamline processing and avoid delays. Whether extending your legacy systems investment or starting new, capture necessary data for any line of business for underwriter review.

Point of Sale

Dramatically enhances the customer journey and engagement experience and provides the opportunity to create new, innovative consumer journeys. It is a complete quote to bind solution that seamlessly integrates native phone apps and web-application functionality into a cohesive, enjoyable, and engaging user experience which is simplified with data enrichment.

Business to Business Portal

Provides complete flexibility in accessing and connecting to any current ecosystem. From the Point of Sale (POS), the OWIT B2B Portal Solution supports the complete quote to bind with a single view into disparate back-end systems, either internal or external.

Business to Consumer Portal

Similar to the B2B Portal Solution, provides access to any portion of the insurance process and report via a consumer portal (B2C). For those insurers who host different products on disparate back-end systems, streamline the process and provide the end user with a single user experience.


Delivers modern rating functionality and supports the configuration and interpretation of business rules. Carriers can deploy as a single rating/rules engine for any line of business or as a centralized rating/rules engine integrated to multiple policy administration systems across an enterprise.

Document Generation

Supports and maintains multiple disparate printing systems from a single location, and supports all policy types, organizational functions, or market needs. It can be used across all lines of business – personal, commercial, and specialty insurance products and across all organizational functions.

Leveraging Insurance Data Management & Process Efficiencies for TRUE Digitalization Example