OWIT Global Solutions are built on a collection of autonomous, insurance-specific microservices, providing strategic value by:

  • Delivering intelligent, targeted, and easy to maintain niche insurance solutions
  • Providing ease of reaching new ecosystems
  • Integrating with, and extending the value of legacy and 3rd party systems

OWIT Global Solutions are managed through a no-code, drag and drop tool and utilize APIs for rapid integration.

All microservices within each solution are reusable for other projects and can be bought independently or as part of a solution.

Bordereaux Management

  • Simplifies the creation, distribution, and absorption of Bordereaux reports
  • Delivers time savings, improves efficiencies, and data accuracy
  • Enables rapid analysis of portfolio performance across risk levels and claims data

Delegated Underwriting Management

  • Creates and configures DUA/Binder/Scheme business rules
  • Returns aggregation and exposure limits
  • Provides governance and controls across multiple Bordereaux

Business to Business Portal

including Point of Sale

  • Provides a white-labeled, single, front-end user experience to disparate systems
  • Supports new quotes, quote management, and binding
  • Extends legacy system life and functionality while reducing development and maintenance costs

Business to Consumer Portal

including Point of Sale

  • Provides a white-labeled, self-servicing user interface
  • Supports access to policy, billing and claims information and processing
  • Gathers data from multiple sources into a single user experience

Insurance Data Transformation

  • Performs full audit on the transformation and load
  • Automates data cleansing, mapping, and importation with template creation and translation toolset
  • Unifies data extracted from disparate systems into one normalized master data set


  • Simplifies configuration of complex rates for business agility in new markets
  • Creates operational efficiencies across product development
  • Deploys via “black-box” or integrated with existing environment


  • Centralizes and maintains company-specific, customized domain logic
  • Allows simple configuration and changes of complex rules
  • Provides a separate and centralized repository of knowledge

Document Generation

  • Streamlines production of all document types
  • Includes an integrated rules engine for document conditions
  • Helps insurance organizations respond quickly to changing market conditions


  • Market-wide subscription to connect bordereaux and file-based processing needs
  • Support for policy and risk level data, Cash reconciliation and, Claims validation
  • Cloud-based, secure service offering significant cost savings

Policy Admin

  • A no-code approach to configure and deliver all types of transactions
  • Support for the complete lifecycle for any line of business, P&C and A&H
  • Can be implemented in stages, i.e., date entry to point of sale to administration

In Development