Reliable. Remarkable. Reusable.

All of OWIT insurance-specific microservices are reusable

A TRUE microservices architecture can be reused for additional projects, solving more than just the specific driver/pain point for an initial implementation.

Utilizing reusable microservices:

  • Increases agility and flexibility in quickly solving an array of pain points
  • Maximizes the return on any IT spend
  • Easily adapts to business changes and needs
  • Improves productivity
  • Extends the life of existing environments
  • Decreases product and implementation cost and timeline
  • Leverages a no-code environment



Agile and Flexible

Solve an array of pain points


Ease of building solutions


Used for many and wide-ranging business solutions

One : Many
Content Consumption

Paired to multiple applications

Technology Stack

Simplifies application interaction via APIs

Strategic Decision

Supports future project needs and changes in business needs


  • The OWIT Rules Service integrates with the OWIT Bordereaux Service and Exact Transform and Load (ETL) Service as part of the OWIT Bordereaux Solution. The OWIT Rules Microservice is reused and combined with the OWIT User Experience Service to provide B2B, B2C, and Broker Portal, and POS solutions.
  • The User Experience Microservice integrates with the OWIT Rating Services, OWIT Rules Service and OWIT Integration Service as part of the Point of Sale Solution. Customers can reuse the User Experience Microservice and OWIT Integration Service for a Broker Portal that provides a single view into disparate back end systems.