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OWIT Global is a provider of discrete and specialized cloud-based microservices to the Global Insurance Industry. Our microservices are designed to operate standalone or to integrate with your existing environments.

OWIT has developed a library of microservices, which are combined in different configurations, to create targeted solutions. These include Bordereaux Management, Cyber Rating & Distribution, A&H and Specialty Point of Sale, Document Generation, Portal Configuration, including the capability to tailor and build a full suite of PAS microservices.

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In addition to a broad and deep functionality set able to support any line of P&C business, additional benefits of OWIT Global solutions include: easy integration and deployment, the ability to evolve and leverage new technologies, and easy adaptability to an insurer’s constantly changing needs.

OWIT Global solutions are cloud-based, allowing a single instance of the platform to support a multi-country rollout.

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