Our Story

OWIT Global is a global insurance technology provider offering microservices and solutions built on a modern architecture designed to simplify innovation and future-proof insurance processing.  

The OWIT Global portfolio is comprised of microservices offering a range of capability options including Bordereaux management, Specialty Lines rating services such as Cyber and A&H and complete policy processing.  The company's offerings can be deployed standalone or integrated with a carrier's or MGA's existing environment. 

OWIT Global's architecture is also designed to support emerging technologies and functionality such as block chain and smart contracts.

Why choose us?

We are a team of insurance industry innovators who have worked with carriers on evaluating and improving the way they do business. Our team is here to provide excellent solutions and services that are timely and will prepare the industry for the upcoming technological advances.
We're Ethical
We look at the whole picture and recommend appropriate solutions, even if we are not the right choice.
We're Collaborative
We know that there is a powerful, positive impact when we share ideas. Our team leverages multiple perspectives when solving a problem including outside specialists when necessary.
We're Passionate
Our team is not only excited about our products and services, but we are also engaging on a journey that supports future technologies.
We're Innovative
We have an Innovation Team that focuses on new concept prototyping. This is a core competency of our organization as we design and demonstrate new microservices.
We're Customer Focused
Contributing to our customer success is not only critical, it is fun!
We're Experienced
Our senior team knows insurance and are here to provide direction and help evaluate your needs.

Our Solutions

In addition to a broad and deep functionality set able to support any line of P&C business, additional benefits of OWIT Global solutions include: easy integration and deployment, the ability to evolve and leverage new technologies, and easy adaptability to an insurer’s constantly changing needs.

OWIT Global solutions are cloud-based, allowing a single instance of the platform to support a multi-country rollout.

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