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OWIT Global is a provider of both P&C and A&H solutions and has a team of experts for both market segments. Let the “Gearheads” at OWIT tell you more by viewing the following videos.

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In many ways, the insurance industry is operating in uncharted waters when it comes to implementing risky technology changes or recommendations. Many insurance execs think you need an all-encompassing plan to revolutionize the corporate culture all at once.

Not true.

There is now a better, more innovative, and less expensive manner: one pain point at a time. A simple playbook for digital transformation can be achieved by prioritizing your pain points or problem areas. Attack each pain point separately.

The no-code microservice platforms allow an insurer to precisely do this in a quick, verifiable, and inexpensive manner. In no time, you will have achieved true digital transformation. Come listen to industry experts who have chartered this course to positive outcomes.

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