OWIT Global no-code solutions are wholly designed for the insurance industry.

A team of insurance technology experts came together in 2018 to provide the insurance industry with a fresh and much-needed option for extending legacy investments and getting new solutions to market. This team did not want to be another “me too” offering and landed on insurance-specific, no-code microservices solutions.


  • Drag and drop
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Insurance-specific templates
  • Configurable workflows


  • Quick learning curve
  • Rapid prototyping & delivery
  • Reduce barriers
  • Produce better quality products

Compared to the monolithic, rigid legacy systems insurance organizations know all too well, microservices are best described as small, autonomous services which increase speed and agility in adding functionality, support operational scalability, reduce software downtime, utilize APIs for rapid integrations, and are cheaper to maintain.

OWIT Global’s insurance-specific, no-code microservices are simple to configure, test, and deploy and bring speed-to-market for new insurance products while extending the life and capabilities of legacy systems. This enables digital interactions with distribution channels, and expanding new business opportunities by exposing fresh markets or ecosystems.

Today, OWIT Global provides a catalog of microservice-based solutions that can fill the technology gaps, extend legacy systems to a digital ecosystem, and solve full solution needs from portals to policy lifecycle.


SMALL: Targeted insurance-specific functionality

REUSABLE: Can be used in current and future projects

SCALABLE: Performant to support volumes of users and transactions

REPLACEABLE: No need to replace an entire system; can replace an individual piece


  • User Experience Service, Rules Service, Integration Service
  • Provide a single view into disparate back end systems
  • Support for various user experiences, look and feel

To Point of Sale:

  • Add the Rating Service and Document Service
  • Submission management, rating and document delivery
  • Integration with 3rd parties and back end systems for administration

To Policy Lifecycle:

  • Add transactional services such as endorsements, special endorsements, audits, cancel/reinstate and renewals
  • Full policy lifecycle support
  • Integration with 3rd parties and back end systems for additional needs



Integration Service that becomes a
hub for all integrations. Ability to
configure exchanged data elements
and apply rules.

A series of microservices that solve
the ingestion, cleansing, logging,
correction, mapping, and exportation
of Bordereaux files.

Leveraging microservices to connect
to additional eco-systems to provide
insurance products in real-time

Through a no-code toolset, insurance
processing can be configured, tested
and delivered by the business user

OWIT Global’s solutions are built from “the cloud down”, optimized to operate in the cloud from day one.

Since the inception of our company, we have developed solutions that are truly a cloud-based, secure environment. The insurance industry has realized the great value of leveraging cloud computing.

  • Underlying infrastructure and maintenance are managed, including security, scaling, storage, and connectivity
  • The supporting technologies are always updated to be the most recent, secure versions.
  • The environment readiness supports speed to market and a cost structure that is based on usage
  • Improved productivity and lowered risk


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