OWIT’s Digitalization for Insurance Enterprise Management.

O/DIEM is a strategic platform for the insurance industry that supports the industry’s need for clean data from internal and external sources.

Over the years, insurers have implemented various software solutions to support multiple lines of business and operational needs. While these solutions have solved those needs, they have created an enormous data integrity issue.

Today, the industry has opened doors to new partners for business opportunities and support needs. This extension comes with the need to transfer and receive additional data transactions. It also comes with the reality that the data will not be completely clean.

The O/DIEM platform solves the industry’s need for clean data by:

  • Orchestrating the consumption of data – providing easily configured API's and ingestion of multiple data file types including XML, CSV, JSON
  •  Supporting the mapping on input and output data through AI
  • Cleansing the data through validation rules
  • Integrating with 3rd party and insurer databases for additional validation and data enrichment
  • Logging errors and providing a user-friendly experience for partners and internal users to evaluate and correct
  • Normalizing the data set for multiple back-end system consumption

What differentiates O/DIEM?

  • Insurance-specific intelligence to handle contract management, policy, risk, premium, cash and claims data
  • Contract management to ensure partners remain within their boundaries
  • Continuous investment to improve and advance the platform with input from customers and industry experts
  • Leveraging AI technology to streamline and expedite onboarding and processing of data
  • A strategic platform that supports all data processing including bordereaux, any external data stream, and the need to cleanse internal data into one source of truth