Ethan Whitaker

Management Team Photo for OWIT Global Insurance Microservices

Ethan Whitaker

Chief Innovation Officer

Ethan Whitaker has 30 years of experience and success in insurance technology, software design and implementations.

Ethan has been instrumental in guiding the insurance industry through various technologies including the transition from mainframes to desktops during his tenure at Allenbrook in the early 1990s.

In the late 1990s, Ethan launched VIC Corporation, an early adopter of internet processing. Ethan went on to work with many of the industry leaders including Duck Creek, Dovetail, and MARSH; embracing service-oriented architectures. In addition to VIC Corporation, Ethan founded Diagram Systems. The two companies were respectively acquired by AMS/Vertafore and Duck Creek.

Ethan is an expert in mobile app development, with over 40 Apps on Apple App Store and over 15 on Google Play.