Andrzej Mega

Management Team Photo for OWIT Global Insurance Microservices

Andrzej Mega

Infrastructure and DevOps Manager

Andrzej’s role at OWIT Global is focused on design and implementation of the company’s IT Infrastructure in addition to and continuous improvement of software deployment and automation processes.

Before joining OWIT Global, Andrzej has spent over 13 years working in senior IT roles across a wide range of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, and non-profit. These roles helped him gain very broad and invaluable experience in multiple fields that adds great value to the business.

Andrzej’s professional interests include the ever-changing ecosystem of cloud technologies, automation and innovation as well as the positive impact they can have on the business.

When not working, Andrzej enjoys a good read, he dabbles in woodworking and tries to go sailing at least once a year.