Delegated Underwriting Management Solution

The OWIT Delegated Underwriting Management Solution works seamlessly with OWIT’s Bordereaux Management Solution to enable the creation, control, and configuration of Bordereaux data at the binder/scheme/program level and deliver the ability to better understand delegated underwriting-related business risk, with improved data integrity, supported by our analytics service to identify portfolio performance distortions.

  • Configure alerts on non-conformity to Binder rules
  • Early warning for Binder rule breaches such as aggregate limits
At the Heart of the Solution
  • A close coupling with the OWIT Bordereaux Management Solution
  • User Experience Service to support the creation of each Binder/Scheme/Program pages, data fields and visual experience
  • Rules Service to support the binder business rules, workflow and logic
WATCH: Delegated Underwriting Management Solution – Imsum dolor seurat vol dillium
The Delegated Underwriting Management Solution is comprised of these microservices.
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All clients of OWIT Global’s insurance-specific microservices can reuse these microservices for any other project within their organization. For example, the User Experience microservice can be leveraged outside the Bordereaux Management Solution for any portal need, whether internal or external, including extending a legacy system to the internet or providing a single view of disparate back end systems to a broker.

Bordereaux SerivceUser Experience ServiceRating ServiceIntegration ServiceDocument ServiceExtract Transform Load ServicesRules ServiceLogin ServiceParty ManagementAnalytics ConnectorsAudit ServiceCancel Reinstate ServiceEndorsements | MTA ServiceSpecial EndorsementsRenewel Process Service

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