Point of Sale Solution

MGAs/MGUs needs for the next generation of Customer Experience (CX) to support their multiple distribution channels, whether across Agent and Brokers or Direct to Consumer, can be achieved with OWIT Global’s Point of Sale (POS) Solution. The solution provides complete flexibility in access, either standalone or where there is a need for connectivity to any current ecosystem. It supports the complete quote to bind process with a single view, including disparate back-end systems or partner platforms, either internal or external.

  • Brand the solution and provide a complete experience to producers
  • Leverage and integrate with existing in-house rating or document solutions, if desired
At the Heart of the Solution
  • User Experience Service to support the creation of pages, data fields, and visual experience
  • Rules Service to support any workflow logic and business rules execution
  • Rating Service to define and calculate rates
  • Integration Service to support 3rd party calls outs – data enrichment, payments, data uploads
WATCH: Point of Sale Solution
The Point of Sale Solution is comprised of these microservices.
Scroll over each microservice gear to learn more.
The Point of Sale Solution is comprised of these microservices.
Click on each microservice gear to learn more.


All clients of OWIT Global’s insurance-specific microservices can reuse these microservices for any other project within their organization. For example, the User Experience microservice can be leveraged outside the Bordereaux Management Solution for any portal need, whether internal or external, including extending a legacy system to the internet or providing a single view of disparate back end systems to a broker.

User Experience ServiceRating ServiceIntegration ServiceDocument ServiceExtract Transform Load ServicesRules ServiceLogin ServiceParty ManagementAnalytics Connectors

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