Billing Solution (available mid 2021)

The OWIT Billing Solution provides all needed capabilities for a MGAs/MGUs to process insurance billing. The solution supports a configurable front-end user experience for data capture, all transactional needs, and the creation of billing documents. MGAs/MGUs can also license the core billing service only if they already have a front end and the document generation.

The OWIT Billing Solution will support Direct Bill, Account Bill, and Agency Bill and include the necessary transactions such as installment, underpayment/non-payments/overpayments, unapplied cash, and invoice generation.

WATCH: Billing Solution


All clients of OWIT Global’s insurance-specific microservices can reuse these microservices for any other project within their organization. For example, the User Experience microservice can be leveraged outside the Bordereaux Management Solution for any portal need, whether internal or external, including extending a legacy system to the internet or providing a single view of disparate back end systems to a broker.

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