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Property & Casualty

P&C Rating Services

The OWIT Rating Services component supports any P&C line of business and is especially accommodating for businesses that need to support specialist niche Line of Businesses (LOBs).  P&C Rating Services is a complete tool-based, drag and drop environment for configuring rating rates and rules.  Not a single line of code needs to be developed by the user.  P&C Rating Services will help customers meet the current and future needs of the market, helping our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors.  The P&C Rating Service can quickly be integrated with existing insurer environments.
OWIT Global also provides “out of the box” solutions, leveraging existing services.  One such example is the OWIT’s Intelligent Cyber Rating Service, which includes powerful Cyber Analytics.  We combine the power of new niche, innovative business solutions, delivering the next generation of Rating Services. 

P&C Agency Portal Solution

The P&C Agency Portal is a complete quote to bind solution that supports new quotes, management of quotes and binding.  Out of the box, the solution was configured with the use of OWIT User Experience Service, OWIT Rating Service and OWIT Document Service. Insurers can brand the solution and provide a complete experience to both agents and the insured.  If the insurer chooses to use their own rating and document solutions, the portal can be leveraged for the user experience and integrate with these components.