What’s Your Pain Point?

Complicated technology projects which require time, budget, and expertise that are needed elsewhere within the enterprise can be streamlined or avoided altogether. OWIT Global has fast, flexible solutions to all your pain points.

Bordereaux data is being handled manually.

  • Incoming bordereaux reports are different
  • Human error requires rework
  • Inability to effectively manage cash on hand
  • Need ability for more informed decision-making

My customers use multiple system entry to process business.

  • Complex architectures and severely siloed systems hamper results
  • Significant amounts of manual, duplicative data entry required
  • An integration layer is needed to connect systems
  • It is difficult to collaborate with distribution channels

My board wants me to innovate, but...

  • Budget cuts are straining productivity
  • New development is on hold
  • There is no time to assess emerging technologies
  • Time is spent on reduction of maintenance

Our business continuity plan calls for WFH/remote access that we can’t currently provide.

  • Need the ability to provide secure, remote access
  • WFH employees must be able to perform key functions
  • Manual processes now need to become automated
  • Exposing system functionality to buyers offloads employee processing

My $10 million core system implementation just became a legacy.

  • The new core system lacks needed functionality
  • It is costly to connect to digital platforms
  • Another expensive, rip-and-replace initiative is impossible
  • Leveraging current capital investments is critical

There is a huge queue to get new products into the policy system.

  • Current IT task queue prohibits speed-to-market
  • Competitors are delivering new insurance products more rapidly
  • New customer acquisition is difficult with outdated product set
  • It is difficult to digitally provide product to other distributions

My supplier/partner ecosystem is expanding.

  • We are falling behind our competitors
  • It is time to integrate with new insurtech partners
  • API integration is imperative
  • Too many technology options are confusing

I can’t compete with digital-first new market entrants.

  • Little ability to offer choice in distribution channel
  • Current insurance products lack modern features
  • Need extensibility to the web, mobile devices, and digital ecosystems
  • Customer satisfaction decreases without digital enhancements