OWIT Global User Experience Service (UX)

The OWIT User Experience Service (OWIT UX) is a digital platform providing a complete tool kit for the configuration of any number of multiple and different user experience (UX) needs.  OWIT UX is used to create and maintain the UX of any workflow that requires data capture and business rules, and can provide a single view into an existing disparate systems environment.  The OWIT UX can be leveraged to make any distribution channel accessible, both internal and external. By using OWIT UX business users can rapidly configure and visualize the front-end user experience, from the screen design and process flow, through to document production, without any coding or knowledge of the underlying technologies.


OWIT UX can be deployed as a standalone suite of microservices with full integration to insurers existing systems or with a combination of additional OWIT microservices.

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