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Product Incubators – Leverage Microservices to Test Product Demand

Traditionally the launch of new insurance products has been a large undertaking as it requires both business and IT resources and, in some cases, shifting organizational priorities.  In addition, building and deploying these new products is both.

3 Long-Term Cost Benefits of Microservices

Much has changed over the past 20 years or so. Insurers are transitioning from monolithic mainframe-based applications to distributed computing platforms. Additionally, today’s SaaS-based core application suites are available from a multitude of.

What Are Microservices?

There has been a lot of talk about microservices over the past few years. But what are microservices and why are they essential for the insurance industry?

InsurTech and Microservices - The Perfect Recipe for Accident & Health Insurance

Emerging technologies represent an opportunity when designing accident and health insurance products, processes, and platforms.  Newer technologies like blockchain, heightened consumer expectations for anytime anywhere services, and the impact of.

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