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Julian James

Julian James

Julian James has spent over 25 years in the P&C software gaining experience across all facets of the industry. Julian is versed in insurance technology with experience in system design and implementation to launching new software companies in International markets, including the launch of French, Irish and US insurance software companies in the UK. Julian spent 12 years as the Deputy Managing Director of PMSC South Africa with Computer Science Corporation. As Managing Director of Business Development, Julian was part of the founding team of Duck Creek Technologies Europe and South Africa. Prior to joining OWIT Global, Julian was with Unirisx as Managing Director of EMEA and ASIA PAC.

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Tide Of Change for the London Market

In the expansive sea of Delegated Authority and Bordereaux Management, major market changes are imminent in the London Market. While the insurance industry as a whole is known as slow to adopt change, historically the London Market has been.

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