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A&H Bordereaux Services

The OWIT A&H bordereaux service supports the management and audit of policy level, as well as A&H risk level bordereaux records including classes, conditions of coverage, benefits, and associated limits. The service supports the management of complete policy transactions, including new, endorsements and renewals with its associated policy level premium or just the changed to a portion of the policy. Configuration, mapping, and manipulation of both the importation of the (source) data and full configuration of the system of record (target) data. Full Claim Top-Off and Cash-Call management. Support for Brokers, Carriers, Coverholders, MGAs, MGUs, and Reinsurers.

A&H Rating Services

The OWIT Rating Services component supports any A&H line of business and is especially accommodating lines such as Accident Disability, Business Travel Accident & Event Cancellation, to name a few. A&H Rating Services is a complete tool-based, drag and drop environment for configuring rating rates and rules. Not a single line of code needs to be developed by the user. A&H Rating Services will help customers meet the current and future needs of the market, helping our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors. The A&H Rating Service can quickly be integrated with existing insurer environments.

P&C and A&H Document Services

OWIT’s Document Services empowers non-technical business users to rapidly design, maintain, and deploy a wide-range of documents including Applications, Declination letters, Indications, Subjectivities and Invoices. Developed as a microservice, Document Services can be accessed simultaneously by multiple systems regardless of platform, location, or line of business. All OWIT microservices offerings, like the new Document Services, are designed to be compatible with existing carrier environments as well as future blockchain implementations.

A&H Policy Administration Solution

OWIT’s A&H Policy Administration solution supports multi-language, multi-currency products enabling insurers and intermediaries to process the full policy lifecycle. The product features a benefit and plan design configuration tool, comprehensive rating, underwriting, policy administration, billing, claims and document/forms management. Multiple distribution channels include Direct to Consumer, Worksite Marketing, Affinity schemes, Enroller based agents, and Brokers/Producers. Employees/members can self-register on a website to quote, purchase and self-maintain non-financial change to their policies including printing of relevant policy documentation.