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Carriers and MGAs are continuously developing their relationships to provide more products to their distributions. Once an agreement is met, accurate data flow between the parties is needed to communicate policy, cash, and claim information.  

Today, this data flow, or Bordereaux reporting, for both the carrier and the MGA is a manually intensive process.  Cleaning and managing data within the Bordereaux operations requires additional resource time including IT resources to help onboard and support Bordereaux processing.

As insurers expand these relationships, the processing time increases exponentially. The entire process, including exporting/importing data, mapping the data to the systems, testing, fixing errors, and reformatting, are all prone to user error.

OWIT Global provides a Bordereaux Management Solution (BDX) that addresses this industry challenge by automating the cleansing and importing/exporting of the data. The OWIT BDX provides an efficient and accurate flow of risk, premium, and claims data across the Bordereaux reporting value chain.


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