OWIT Global Bordereaux Service (BDX)

OWIT BDX is a suite of microservices combined to address the industry challenge of providing an efficient and accurate flow of risk, premium and claims data across the Bordereaux reporting value chain.  OWIT BDX can be deployed as a stand-alone system with direct integration to enterprise systems, e.g. General Ledger, or as an integrated component of an existing policy administration environment. Further deployment flexibility can be achieved as each individual microservice can be de-coupled to meet exact system and business requirements.

The OWIT BDX simplifies the creation, distribution, absorption and analyzing of Bordereaux reports while delivering significant time savings and dramatically improving efficiencies and data accuracy.  Carriers will be able to quickly analyze portfolio performance, across risk level and claims data from intelligent data output and rich MI dashboards delivering graphic visualization of meaningful results.

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